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  • Wilma
  • Wilma
  • Wilma
  • Wilma
  • Wilma
  • Reserved
  • Small Lurcher
  • Female
  • 2 Years Old
  • Active Home Needed

Wilma is a very sweet fun lurcher who is good with other dogs and people.  She is only small but she is active so she needs owners who enjoy walking.  You will need to be around for most of the day if you want to adopt Wilma.  Wilma is a saluki lurcher so she is very pretty but she does need experienced owners or people who have other dogs.  She can still lack confidence around humans although she is so much better when other dogs are around.  Wilma is currently living as an only dog.

You will need to have a totally secure garden with at least 6 foot fences on all sides if you wish to adopt Wilma as she can and will jump.  

If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.

Wilam has a pet passport.

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Please make sure you are in a position to adopt a dog, before completing the online adoption form. We are unable to hold onto dogs for more than a few days, once you have passed your homecheck.

We do rehome throughout the UK, so long as you are prepared to travel to meet the dog within a few days of applying for him and then again to adopt him, once you have passed your homecheck.