Sam Update

Sam UpdateWe have closed down the appeal for Sam, as we sadly had to say goodnight to him.  We thank everyone for their support and kind donations and we can assure you we did everything possible to save him - we are all devestated that it didn't end as we had hoped.

Sam’s biopsy results came back with not only with Neosporosis but also a muscle wasting disease - meaning there was no hope for him - and meaning we had lost our fight for him. Even if he still had 4 legs we would still be in the same position - he has just been incredibly unlucky and it is all just so very sad.

Sam was still only 8 months old and from the moment he was handed over by his owner he has been so loved - he was the sweetest, prettiest and most adorable greyhound who deserved everything we all did for him and we fought so hard to give him a chance on a massive roller coaster of emotions. But it just wasn’t to be, no matter how hard we tried and no matter how much we wanted him to get better.

We thank everyone so much for their support, it meant so much to us, but in the end we have had to let him go.

Despite being devastated we would do it all again - he was an angel and an absolute pleasure to have, even it if was for too short a time.

RIP baby Sam - we all love you.

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