Waitrose Green Token Scheme

KGR are one of the nominated charities at our local Waitrose Hythe this month so please pop in and drop your green token into the KGR box – this is a great scheme where each Waitrose branch shares £1000 per month between 3 selected charities and how much each charity gets depends on how many green tokens the public donate.
If you live near a Waitrose in Kent (and I think there are 13 supermarkets)  we would be really grateful if you could nominate KGR – it is really easy, and just a matter of filling in a form from customer services.  As you all know we get no funding from the racing industry and end up with the dogs the industry has dumped which is a huge expense to us – that is the reason why you see us out fundraising every weekend.  The more funds we have coming in to KGR the more dogs we can save.
If you do submit a form to Waitrose we would be really grateful if you could let us know which branch.  Thanks
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