Compulsory Microchipping & Your KGR Dog

From April 2016 all dogs have to be chipped to their owners and it is the owners responsibility to make sure the chip company is informed if the dog is sold, given away or lost. This obviously makes the owners a lot more responsible for the actions of their dog - the main point of the new legislation.  For KGR, this means all existing dogs, currently registered to us, will have to be re-registered in the name of the owner.  This is a massive excercise for us as it means contacting over 600 owners to check their details are still correct before we change the chip and then contacting the chip company 600 times to notify them.  (not to mention the expense if we have to write to people).  To help us - we would be really grateful if you could email us at and let us know who you are, when you adopted your dog, what your dog is, and his current and any previous names.  We can then email you the form for completion.    We need to check all the information we have on file is still current especially mobile phone numbers - and at the same time we are going to ask you to just check the chip is still working, readable and in the correct place.  Thank you very much - we are all volunteers and if you can help us save time doing the excercise, by emailing us , then we can be doing other things which will benefit the charity.  

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